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2023-06-21 | 2023AMMC1 | 2/4 | Supplying to Health: The Changing Nature of Health Procurement in Victoria

Local procurement has long been a subject of interest to the healthtech industry in victoria. The event is designed to engage with industry and government about the key drivers and barriers to increased local procurement. The reasons for local procurement may be driven by increased bio-security, improved economic development, maintenance and improvement of our manufacturing skills and capabilities and support for start-ups to secure local sales in the early stages of their commercialisation journey.

Join thought leaders and experts as they explore what can be done to strengthen local procurement related to healthtech, what is the status quo, what is needed and how do we get there.

This event will provide insights into local health procurement policy and future needs of the healthcare system. Our expert panel will discuss opportunities for local suppliers in the health system including around sustainability and supply chain resilience. Key topics include access to information, regulatory compliance, cost considerations, and capacity constraints. Participants will gain practical strategies for navigating these barriers and learn about successful case studies of companies that have developed innovative solutions to address health system challenges.

During this event, health technology companies are encouraged to develop market ready solutions, promote networking with potential partners, and provide insights into how to navigate health procurement complexities while providing benefits for the organisation and the economy in a sustainable manner.

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