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Welcome to the CBE GMP Uplift Program

The GMP Uplift Program provides participants with an industry relevant, practical and experiential GMP learning experience.

The GMP Uplift training programs are developed by the Centre for Biopharmaceutical Excellence (CBE). CBE brings strong technical credentials, with experience across large and small Biologics, Pharmaceuticals and Regenerative Medicine companies, both in consulting and GMP related enterprise training. This coupled with extensive experience in GMP operations, compliance, auditing and QMS design, a wide industry network for guest lecturers and readily available case studies.

The GMP Uplift Consortia bring an experienced team, industry relevant content, state-of-the-art facilities and trainers to deliver programs to uplift GMP related skills. The team is committed to providing relevant, practical and experiential GMP education to develop the next generation of advanced manufacturing workforce to support Australia‚Äôs MTP sector and its growth plans.

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