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We have an office in both Sydney & Melbourne.

Mailing Address:
395 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046
Tech Support:
Enquiries: 1800 95 44 55
ABN: 80 623 362 792


Kontent Labs is an EdTech based company specialising in online Communities of Practice and Learning solutions. We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated. DATA never leaves Australian shores.

The co-founders, Marc Niemes & James Fordham left the eLearning industry in 2017 to start Kontent Labs to fill a substantial needs-gap in the Market.

Marc & James have a combined over 50 years of Education (Content development and LMS implementation) experience. They felt that the vast majority of solutions available were old-school (compliance based & uninspiring), and wanted to create a more engaging, collabrative and sticky solution for the Australia Market. Thus, Kontent Labs was born.


Our Journey

Kontent Labs Engine (KLE) Version 1 was born out of a Clinical Trial and we learned more about what it takes to make learning and communities more effective. We discoved the power of Peer to Peer trusted communities.

Fast forward four years, and KLE is currently in Version 3 and continues to grow. We are building KLE based on real-client feedback. KLE is perpetually being enhanced to meet the widest possible client needs. This is why KLE is 100% customisable. It is our belief that no two clients have identical requirements. KLE provides clients with exactly what they need. This is our main unique selling point! Most platforms force clients to work the way the platform work. With KLE, we create custom workflows to allow you to do business they way you want to.

Our journey continues...

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