KLE is 100% customisable

Customisations can range from simple name/field changes to completely new Workflows and modules.

No two Labs are the same with KLE. Every client/licensee has some form of differentiation/customisation.

Note: Customisation services are available at additional cost.

Customer facing landing pages

This is your unique URL to access KLE. By default, it comes with a self-editing template with an optional basic Registration form.

We can create a complex registration form, with flow-on workflows based on responses for you.

We can create a professional website to replace the standard template.

Menu's and field Names

If you prefer alternate naming conventions than we use by default, we can change the Menu structure and naming conventions.

Additionally, we can change the field names on any KLE Form within your Lab.

Custom Workflows

This is HOW we make KLE work for YOU, rather than forcing you to work the way we built KLE.

Workflows are simply functions which take a student from A-B to C etc. This can be based on any criteria (e.g. Completing a program, or expiring).

Another popular use of Workflows is around Ecommerce. When a student completes a transaction, aside from simply providing access to that object, what else would you like to happen?

Custom Modules

We often see scenario's where clients are paying for a another 3rd party platform to achieve one task. Additionally, it means having to login to another system for reporting etc OR paying substantially for data-integeation..

We can replicate whatever missing function or module you require within your Lab. This means you no longer need to pay for the other product(s), and have all your data under one roof..


Our team will provide you with a Project Manager to liase between your team and the Kontent Labs Development team.

A detailed Statement of Work (SoW) will be prepared for you, based on the discussions being held. Once the SoW is signed off (approved), the Kontent Labs Team will get to work.

The SoW will include all Costs and estimated Timing around your work request. Kontent Labs will then provide documentation (either via PDF or Screen simulation video) of the completed work, in addition to any relevent instructions/How To's on the work.

Cuatom work includes a 3 month warranty based on the Scoped items contained within the SoW.

Custom work is always a ONCE OFF payment (not affecting annual licensing).